Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hills, Sun, Bilberries & How to Work Hard when your Partner Doesn't

Location: The Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, UK
Date: 9th August

I'm going to borrow a format I used on Pay Now Live Later for this post. Click on the photos for an enlarged version in the top left.

We went hiking but I wanted to get some sustained 55-75% heart rate work, which did not jibe with how Mrs M planned to work. There were too many steep bits, such as here , here , here and here . And here .

So I tried a new technique, whereby I would do everything twice. Back down to the bottom of each section then up again whilst Mrs M caught up. We could talk at various points as I went past. Once I had let go of that nagging sense of not wanting to go back down, it worked really well. And Mrs M did not feel as if she was always being 'dragged' along.

There was plenty of sun , so I got a good chunk of vitamin D. As a bonus we found some bilberries (like small blueberries) growing near the top and picked a couple of handfuls to keep us going.

Nice view from the top, where I could not resist including the Vibram Five Fingers . You can imagine the looks I got when I was taking this photo ;-)

There was plenty of terrain ideal for running downhill , which I took advantage of at various points, but still also threw in some brief uphill runs just to mix it around and keep the heart rate up.

One more photo, just because I like it!

Post Workout Nutrition: None - fasted until dinner.


Bryce said...

I'm jealous of your access to hilly, undeveloped terrain. Where I live it's at least 2 hours drive to anything hilly.

Chris said...

nice post