Thursday, 1 January 2009

Pull Ups

This is an upper body exercise that also uses the biceps and rear delts. The first video shows strict, basic pull-ups with a roughly shoulder-width grip, followed by someone using a kettle bell to do weighted pull ups. The wider the grip, the less bicep recruitment. I am not a big believer in strict form on pull ups because our bodies were not designed for that. When climbing trees as hunters, we would have done what was necessary to get up as quickly as possible, not dangled our legs uselessly beneath. Next, videos of the inverted pull-up, a great variation.
Basic Pull Ups
Parallel-Grip Pull Ups
I guess this works the muscles in a slightly different way - I tend to only do these when there is no straight bar available, but since the grip is arguably halfway between a chin up and a pull up, I guess throwing these in now and again is a good way to mix things up.

Weighted Pull Ups
I use an old, sturdy belt which I loop through the handles of Olympic weights, but this guy is using a kettle bell with what looks to be the kind of belt you can buy specially for this purpose.

Inverted Pull Ups
Inverted Under-Table Pull Ups
This variation is great way to give your upper back and biceps a decent workout when you have nothing to hang from, but access to a sturdy table. Also works the abs. This is often my saviour in a hotel room situation and stops me having to stalk the streets at 7am looking for appropriate tree branches or street signs. This is a video of me doing a couple of reps under our table at home.