Monday, 22 June 2009

Swimming Session (& How to Get Rid of Lifeguards)

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre Swimming Pool, Aston University
Date: 22nd June

8 x Underwater length, 30-60 seconds minutes rest between each

About 1 minute rest

2 x Front crawl length, 100% effort, roughly 30 seconds rest between each

Total time: 15 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: this an hour later.

It was nice to get back to an intense workout and pure breakfast after the mayhem of last week's binge.

Amusingly, the lifeguard dude approached me today after my fourth underwater length and said

Do you mind me asking what's going on with the underwater swimming, mate? It's just making me nervous.

I told him that I'd done it before and was not going to drown on him. I started explaining that it was a good way to get some intensity to a workout without muscle fatigue, but before I could get into why I wanted to avoid muscle fatigue (Body by Science etc) and the supposed growth hormone release of breath holding, he developed a glazed expression, and quickly said

No worries then

before rapidly withdrawing to his perch.

Note to self: to get rid of pesky lifeguards, and other fitness establishment attendants, try telling them about the latest fitness thinking. Works like a charm.

Oh - and I've updated the underwater lengths page to include some stuff I do around hyperventilation before each length, posing the question, is it a waste of time?