Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Fitness Tips from 'The Best' - My Contribution to The Fitness Advisor Article

I was asked by Rafi of The Fitness Advisor last week for my '#1 fitness tip' for a post he was putting together, Fitness Tips From The Best. I set aside my reservations about whether I belonged in that category and offered the following:

Try not to let your passion for training unduly influence decisions about volume. Almost everyone trains too much and gets too little rest. Less is more.

On reflection I realise that this really only applies to a subsection of readers. Many people need to do more than they already are, given they are doing more or less nothing; but I like to apply the less is more principle to giving advice as well ;-)

I was therefore duly envious of Mark Sisson's entry, which was both shorter and more incisive:

Make your easy workouts longer and easier, and your hard workouts shorter and harder.

Anyway, check out the other dozen or so pieces of advice here. Worth a read.


Bryce said...

His comment was a good one. Marks Daily Apple today also had a great list of primal quips that were pretty entertaining, such as:

"If you wouldn't ride in a rocket made by a chef, why would you eat food made by a scientist?"


Rafi Bar-Lev said...

I think it was pretty solid advice, Methuselah. Thanks for contributing!


Methuselah said...

Bryce - very good - not heard that one before!