Monday, 19 April 2010

Easy Wrekin Trail & Impromptu Weights Same Day

Location: The Wrekin and My Dad's Garage
Date: 18th April

Morning workout: run round the Wrekin hill - route and GPS map on Lightning's blog.
Evening Workout: weights in my Dad's garage
- 9 dumbbell bench press @60lbs
- 15 upright row @30kg
- 7 pull down with narrow reverse grip @ 160lbs

Total time for run: 1 hour 18 minutes
Total time for weights:
5 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: fasted until the evening, so no food after the run, but this 30 minutes after the weights.

To understand the humour in these pictures, you may need to read my post about the book Born to Run...

[click for larger picture]

I hadn't intended to do the weights as well, but my Dad and I were standing around in his garage-based gym chewing the fat when the urge to do a few sets took me. This feels like the random event we would have encountered in the wild, so I was comfortable with doing more exercise than might be sensible on typical workout days.


Lightning said...

You beast. Unlike you to do two sessions in a day. The Wrekin run must have been far too easy for you. I'll try to make it harder next time.

4 Winds said...

The very picture of style power and grace there lads!

4 Winds said...

The very picture of style, power and grace there, lads!

Methuselah said...