Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Weekend of Long, Easy

Saturday: 19-mile bike ride round the canals of the West Midlands, UK

Total time: 3 hours 45 minutes

Food: I fasted all day, then tucked into roast chicken & roast vegetables in the evening, several hours after the bike ride ended. I felt duly rewarded:

Sunday: long, easy hill/trail run around Ercall Wood and the Wrekin.

Total time: 2 hours 38.
Heart rate: monitor stopped working, but I am pretty sure I was 140 - 160 most of the time.
Altitude profile (in metres):

Food: fresh crab and salad:

This was eaten a couple of hours later than expected, thanks to my idiocy in locking my car keys in my own boot. My running partner Lightning had to drive me home to get the spare, a fine gesture considering this took a couple of hours out of his Sunday. Since I'd also had no breakfast, I was pretty hungry by the time I tucked into this.

Knee Problems

Recently increasing my running mileage appears to have aggravated my knee. At least I think that's what caused it. Hard to tell. Over the last month, the site of the surgery has grown steadily more sore. Fine in the normal plane of movement, but sensitive to twisting.

This is worrying, because those internal stitches are supposed to have totally healed. I have a meeting with my consultant next week. Clearly it can't be all bad, otherwise I would not be able to do these things. However, I need to know whether I should stop doing them and let it rest, or whether he is going to tell me I need more surgery. If he tells me this, I will think very carefully about whether it's something I am willing to do.


Lightning said...

Fingers crossed for the knee M. Maybe a few days rest (after this weekend) and the anti inflammatory will do the job.