Monday, 16 August 2010

Sprints, followed by 24 oz Steak-Fest

Location: Lightning's House, Shropshire, UK
Date: 14th August

2-minute warm-up jog
5 x 13-second sprints. 1 - 2 minutes of rest between.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Nutrition (based on my Leangains experiment) - see photos below.

2.15 pm (25 minutes before sprints): 10g BCAA
3:30 - 6pm: big barbecue feed.
No further food that day.

16 oz grass-fed fillet steak, grilled sweet potato slices, salad, tomato puree ketchup substitute

Another 8 oz grass-fed fillet steak

Organic, red and black currents from the Welsh Hills with crappy coconut milk

Each year the Lightnings host a big old barbecue and camping fest at their house. Last year, things went wrong for me, as I wrote about here - too much wine, cake etc - you know the drill. This year, I had one glass of wine and viewed the dazzling array of baking with a trembling lower lip, knowing it would not be mine.

Part of the annual tradition is that Lightning and I do afternoon, pre-BBQ sprinting in their long paddock behind the house. As the photo illustrates, this is not something from which I typically emerge victorious.

Nevertheless, it's good training, and intense enough to qualify as a 'workout day' (under my particular definition) for the Leangains experiment. Accordingly, I ate a huge amount of relatively lean protein and a lot more carbs than I would normally.

The workout window is supposed to be 8 hours, but instead I ate a lot over a few hours and did not eat anything more that day. I am not sure whether that matters, but I am keen to ensure I do not use this experiment as a license for gluttony and thus sabotage the results.

The next morning, 14 hours later, I was still not hungry, which I think attests to the more-than sufficiency of my post-workout nutrition.


Lightning said...

My legs are still in pain after those sprints. My hamstrings in particular.

I'm surprised the tug of war doesn't get a mention. Simulating dragging a beast back to the cave maybe ?

I went on a binge session as you know but am back on it now. Getting ready for the Nevis and Peris.

Methuselah said...

Oh yeah - the tug of war! I guess I forgot about that because I had no photos. That was fun though. No suprise that the team with two cavemen on won. Well, one caveman and a nearly-caveman ;-)