Thursday, 26 August 2010

Weights and Keto Food Day

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University
Day: 6.45am - Thursday - 26 August

Chin Ups (2 x 5 weighted @15kg, 4 weighted @15kg, 3 weighted @10kg, 5 @bodyweight)
Seated Row (3 x 10 @ 95 lbs) - not using the superslow method in the video!
Ab Crunches (2 x 50)
Romanian Deadlift (5 x 5 @ 100 kg)

Performed in the traditional way - my partner, then me. Not much rest other than waiting our turn.

Total Time: 31 minutes

Nutrition (almost zero carbs, in spite of my Leangains experiment - explanation below!)

20 minutes before: 10g BCAA
1 hour after: 10g BCAA
3 hours after: 10g BCAA

Lunch (12:00pm) - 8 scrambled organic eggs, tin of sardines, leftover steak, bad coconut cream

Dinner (8:00pm) - baked mackerel and avodaco and cocoa dip (no sweetener.)

I have decided not to eat high carb on each workout day. I will typically be doing two intense sessions per week (thus qualifying for the higher carb eating for my Leangains experiment experiment) - but I only feel like I want to refeed on carbs once per week.

On Tuesday after workout 1 I had two sweet potatoes and a banana through the day and my stomach did not really like it. I would probably get used to it, but for now I will stick on one carb refeed on one of the week's workout days, then eat my normal paleo diet the rest of the time.

As you can see I did a couple of days of almost zero carb just to get my stomach right (I had this huge steak after fasting on the rest day.) The stomach might have had nothing to do with the carbs of course, but keto always sorts my stomach anyway.

We hit the back today - first upper, then lower. It took a long time to squeeze on the fifth on the fifth for the deadlift, which is fine: although I did the same last time, that was from fresh. Next time I will throw another 5kg on from fresh.

We deliberately focused on upper abs today because we did hanging leg raise a couple of days before which would have targetted the lower. I suppose it was just a time filler, or something to make the workout tougher and stop us standing around talking.

We did seated row with the machine because my partner's knee was playing up - otherwise I would have opted for one-arm dumbell rows.


Lightning said...

Nice action M. I bet your gym partner is loving this old school action.

Methuselah said...

He certainly is!

nick s said...

im following this blog, good stuff

Methuselah said...

Thanks Nick.

Dream_Puppy said...

High carb once a week sounds good. So are you mostly keto/paleo? Me too. What's your IF sched like? I am trying IF to lean out....Leangains really convinced me. Great blog!

Methuselah said...

Dream_Puppy - thanks, glad you like the blog. Yes, I am meat, eggs, fish, veggies, nuts, seeds and a little fruit, mostly. I would say 20 - 50 grams carbs depending on the day. I am liking the high carb day because there is some debate about whether permanent keto/lc is good. Seems like a nice mix and a way to keep the leptin levels up. Pre-Leangains, I was 24-hour fasting twice per week, 16-hour fasting once or twice, then 3 meals on gym or running days. Now I am possibly down to one 24-hour fast per week because I never have breakfast. Although sometimes, if I eat big dinners, I may end up with two 24hrs in a week, but I do try to avoid this because Martin does say the second meal should be smaller.