Thursday, 2 September 2010

Chins and Deads, an Easy Pre-Race Workout

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University
Day:7.15 - Thursday - 2nd September

Chin Ups (2 x 5 weighted @15kg, 4 weighted @15kg)
Romanian Deadlift (1 x 5 @ 105 kg, 2 x 5@100kg)
2 x 10 Hanging Leg Raise

No training partner, but I did rest as if he was there, taking 45 - 90 seconds between sets.

Total Time: 15 minutes

Nutrition (low carb today, having decided to only have one high carb workout day per week for my Leangains experiment):

20 minutes before: 10g BCAA
1 hour after: 10g BCAA
3 hours after: 10g BCAA

Lunch (12:00pm) - 2 tins of sardines, 1 tin of salmon, an avocado, a beetroot, pecan nuts

Dinner (7:45) - sea bass, fried cauli+cabbage, courgette, red pepper, lemon

Two days until Ben Nevis, so for the same reasons I gave on Tuesday, I took it easy. This time I achieved that by doing the same weights but fewer sets.

I could not resist throwing an extra 5kg on the deads for the first set, but was still way off struggling in set number 3. Uphill power-hiking can be a killer on the lower back, so it would be a bad idea indeed to go close to failure two days before a big mountain race.

Big fish day today, as you can see. I also did a little post-dinner nut guzzling but nothing spectacular. I feel as if my calorie intake is 'on message' for Leangains. My weight is relatively stable, but I feel bigger. This may be entirely my imagination. Mrs M remains tight-lipped on the matter.