Friday, 1 October 2010

Improvised Back Workout in Woeful Hotel Gym

Date: Thursday 30th September, 7.30am
Location: Gym at Millenium Gloucester Hotel, South Kensington.

3 x 10 pull downs (chin up grip) using multi-gym pulldown
3 x 10 one-arm rows using another pulley on multi-gym
60 seconds on rowing machine as hard as I could

Time: 25 minutes

Nutrition (according to my Leangains experiment)
10g BCAA 20 minutes before session
10g BCAA 1 hour after
10g BCAA 2 hours after
Lunch @2:15pm - chicken drumsticks + an apple
Dinner @ 6pm - roast lamb and veg

The gym was dire: 6 dumbbells in the entire room, the heaviest being 10kg. The rickety multi-gym was my only hope of an effective workout, and I did manage to do the required damage in spite of the rudimentary apparatus.

I was presenting to 50+ people in the morning, so this session was primarily about stress management. I took the back exercises close to failure, not much rest, then hit the rowing machine to inflict some pain.

I also wanted to do some deadlift, but there was no chance of that. It did occur to me to use the disinterested gym attendant as an improvised sandbag to get some lifting action, but he did not look amenable.

Later, the chicken drumsticks were additive laden so I had a salty taste in my mouth the rest of the day. I was glad to get back to some organic lamb in the evening, and ate a pretty big portion, possibly over a pound.

I need to post a progress update on Leangains soon. I feel bigger and stronger.