Thursday, 11 November 2010

Starting to Strip Down: Continued Weights & Keto Week

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University
Date & time: about 7 am - Tuesday & Thursday - 9th & 11th November

Tuesday (30 mins)
  • dumbbell chest - 10 @ 26kg, 10 @28kg, 9@28kg
  • dumbbell shoulders - 3 x 5 @20kg, 4 @20kg, 4@18kg
  • upright row - 10 @37.5kg, 2 x 10 @35kg
  • 3 x 20 ab crunches (1-2 second hold)
BCAA before and after session during the morning.

Sardines & egg for lunch, plaice and duck leftovers with veg for dinner

Thursday (25 mins)
  • weighted chins - 4 x 5 @10kg, 5 @bodyweight
  • one-arm dumbbell rows - 3 x 10 @24kg
  • Romanian deadlift - 3 x 10@36kg
  • 3 mins mobility
BCAA before and after during the morning.

Scrambled egg and pilchards for lunch, fried liver & veg for dinner

This was the first week after I ended the Leangains experiment (phase 1). The main objective has been to get into the weight-loss groove whilst continuing to train hard and preserve the hard-earned muscle.

I always find going really low-carb a good way to get started, as well as fasting more often than usual. I am aiming for two 24-hour fasts per week and 16-hour fasts the rest of the time.

I will be trying to stay at the same weights for the 4-week leaning up period. My main index will be dumbbell chest press - will I be able to still do 5 x 5 @32kg next week?


Chris Robbins said...


Check out my latest post on fasted training, etc. Good Stuff.



Methuselah said...

Thanks Chris - interesting stuff. I always do endurance training fasted, so that's good to know.