Thursday, 1 January 2009


Barbell Squat
I haven't done proper squats for a while, since I now focus on pistols to work my legs - however, here is a gratuitous video of a very strong guy squatting an awful lot of weight on a barbell.

Barbell Plate Partial Squats
I am not sure whether anyone else does these, so here is a video of me doing it. It's a great way to throw in a controlled set of partial squats at the end of a routine, simply to get the cardiovascular system working. I like the fact that the plates determine how far down you can go and that the centre of gravity is different from when holding dumbbells. The plates seem to stabilise the body more. I typically do 50-100 reps as a finisher with a 20kg or 25kg plate.

Swiss Ball Squats
I was told to do these by my physiotherapist while recovering from knee surgery - without the dumbbells initially. I think this variation puts less pressure on the knee because of the stability offered by the ball and the fact it allows you to lean back as you perform the movement.