Thursday, 1 January 2009


No matter how much I get into bodyweight exercises, I cannot let go of deadlifts. They are just such a great all-body exercise. The videos show the different ways they can be done. It's one of the few exercises where I still use lifting straps on occasion.
Standard Deadlift

Stiff/Straight-Legged Deadlift
With this version, you keep the legs more or less entirely straight and make more use of the lower back. People often stand on a platform to get a greater stretch on the hamstrings.

I like that this guy does
a standard deadlift for the first rep. This is a good approach, since it can be disproportionately hard to do that first rep with this variation - making it hard to have good form on the first rep if you are using a heavy weight. Another approach, if you have the necessary equipment, is to take the weight off a rack at waist height to start.

Romanian Deadlift
Some people seem to think the Romanian deadlift is basically the same as the stiff-legged. But there are some differences and this article explains them well. Essentially, you do not go as far down with the bar (i.e. do not stand on a platform) and therefore there is no rounding of the back at the bottom. You also bend the legs a little more.

23.09.10: I recently videoed myself doing RDLs, and found my form was not good. After dropping the weight, and trying again the week after, things are looking better: