Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Workout Locations & Reviews

Whenever I train at a new gym, or find a location I can train that is not a gym - such as an activity area in a park - I will post the details, and add it to this embedded Google map. If you have been to the same gym or place, add a comment to that post.

Click on a placemark icon, then on the "Review" link to go to the post reviewing that workout location.

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Add Your Workout Location to the Map!
Please tell me about a gym or training location anywhere in the world you have used and I will add it to the map and create a post for it - you can let me know in the comments on this post or email me at paynowlivelater at gmail dot com - feel free to attach links or images. Remember to include the name and location to allow me to find it on the Google map.


Chris said...

are you interested in locations in Scotland too?

Methuselah said...

Chris - most definately - send 'em over! When I get time I am going to update the map with all the places I have trained on holiday in recent years, which includes America and Europe.

I'm sure it must have been done elsewhere, but I like the idea of getting enough pins in the map so that if someone is going to visit a city or country they can first check on the map for any gyms (or other workout opportunities) that readers or I have reviewed and endorsed.

I have a couple of really bad hotel gyms to review in London!

Bèr said...

Hey mate,

I have a fully stocked homegym in Belgium, with tons of plates, barbells, dumbbells, a squat rack, tractor tires, farmer's walk handles, gymnastic rings, med ball, boxes, rubber bands and a sled, the whole shebang.

It's a disclosed location that's only open for those who know it and train seriously(and have my approval), but almost anyone is welcome.

It's address is Heersestraat 9b(the B is important), 3870 in Heers, Belgium.

I'm also enlisted as a Couch Surfer with a spare room, for you travellers.

Kind regards,

Bert Brams

Methuselah said...

Thanks Bert! Your gym has been added to the map and list of workout locations...