Sunday, 7 November 2010

Quick Dash up the Wrekin

Yesterday, I ran up the light side of the Wrekin . I didn't time it, but reckon it was 18 mins up, then 13 down. I wore the Five Finger Flow Treks, and where it was not too steep, concentrated on Pose-style running. It's the first hill run since Langdale 4 weeks ago, and just something to keep me in the game ahead of the 8-mile Wrekin Wrecker race in a couple of weeks. I fasted until lunch, when I was celebrating with a family member. This degenerated, later, into non-paleo food. I am fasting today in penance.


Steve said...

Nice day for it. I ran the Clwydian race today; was actually 8.5 miles, not 10. Big turnout; one for your schedule next year, I'd suggest.

I won't make the Wrecker this year because I'm booked up that weekend - hope it goes well for you.

Methuselah said...

Suprprised Lightning wasn't there. Hope you got a decent time. See you at the Long Mynd Valleys race?

Lightning said...

The Lightning was too busy drinking beer and eating cake on holiday. Enjoyed the rest but now ready to get back on it. After this cream cake that is ;-)

May do 2 AS's this weekend. Or eat more cake ?

Methuselah said...

Having only just clawed my way out of the Vegas buffet horror, my advice to you is the non-cake option. I have a busy weekend, so I will be hitting the Wrekin, possibly, early Saturday rather than taking part in any organised stuff. I may even do nothing so that the legs get a full two week rest before the Wrecker.