Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Conditioning Week Day 1 - Explosive Circuit

I did the following set of exercises 5 times, with 30 seconds rest between each. There was no reset between exercises, except to move between stations:

Plyometric Push Ups with a Clap - 10
Pistols (alternate leg) - 2 on each leg
Parallel Grip Pull Ups - 8, explosively
The Plank - 30 seconds
Handstand Pushups (explosively, going down only as far as I can to make this possible, which is not very far!) - 7
Burpees - 10

Time: 20 minutes

While I was working out, I couldn't help observing a fellow gym-goer as he did his own workout. To describe it as laid back would not do justice to his approach. His mobile phone got more of a workout than he did. Maybe today was 'thumbs' day for him.

Having punished myself severely with this routine, I left Thumb Guy and a row of cardio-heads to it. They were there when I arrived and they were there when I left.


Chris said...

Look good

What are you doing in New York?

Methuselah said...

Hi Chris - I'm here on business, but by coincidence so is Mrs M so we have tried to make a holiday of it too. Easier said than done, but we're hoping for a relaxing weekend...

Chris said...

wow - sounds great. Hope you have a good time