Monday, 9 March 2009

Gymnastics for Shoulders and Weighted Chins

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre

Headstand - 3 consecutive, moving slowly into and out of it.
Planche - just messed around. Trying to get a feel for the tuck planche. Definitely not close yet. Did a 15 second frog stand with strict form to finish as a morale booster.
Handstand Push Ups - 5 then 3 then 2. Varied the depth. About 3 inches away from being able to do a full one.
Weighted Chin Ups - 5@15kg, 3@20kg, 1@30kg, 1@35kg
Ab Rollouts from the knees with Barbell - 2 x 10. The dumbbell plates do not rotate round the handle in the new gym, so used a bar instead (EZ bar, in fact) - which worked fine.

Finisher: rowing machine - 500 metres, fast - resistance level 7.

Last week was pretty hard, so I resolved to have an easy one this week. I am alternating easy week, hard week at the moment. The rule on an easy week is that whatever I am doing, I must always stop short of how far I would normally go. I must leave each exercise feeling as though I could have done more. It can be frustrating, but it pays dividends because you feel great for the rest of the day and over the week can feel your resources building up ready for the harder following week.

For example, as a finisher I would normally have done tabata rowing intervals, or 1000 metres as fast as I could.

Today was not at all frustrating, as it happens, because I did not sleep especially well over the weekend and a light session was just what I needed.