Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Low-Rep Dumbell Snatch and Tabata Burpees

Frog Stand - 30 seconds, good form
Dumbell Snatch - 3@28kg, 2@30kg, 1@32kg, failed@34kg
Front Lever Hanging Leg Raise - 3 sets of 1

Finisher: Tabata Intervals - Burpees

This was supposed to be an easy day but I could not resist the tabata burpees, as there was an empty studio and a clock with a second hand.

I was in the St Giles Hotel in Central London this morning, which is linked to the YMCA gym. They charged £4 to use it...but this was honestly the best gym I have ever trained in. It was huge. A James Bond villain-esque underground set up, located on 3 floors (-1, -2 and -3 in the lift!) A huge central atrium with balconies housing various machines, stretching mats, Swiss balls, weights room, studios and more. Using the full height of the atrium, a climbing wall with ropes and badminton and basketball courts. Off to one side, a pool. Of no interest to me, but nevertheless impressive - row after row of just about every cardio machine you can imagine. Okay, I might use the rower or runner for tabatas.


Chris said...

Sounds great.

Burpees are always vicious - they were part of the warm up (with dodge ball!) at Krav Maga last night.

I really like db snatch too, a great exercise

Methuselah said...

Chris - I am just finding my feet with the db snatch, but am loving it. I just need to become less afraid of the dumbbell - I know I can handle more weight if I have the courage to really get underneath it. I tried barbell snatch in the past but my right shoulder was not keen...