Tuesday, 12 May 2009

5-Minute High Intensity Top-Up

Location: My Apartment Block

30 press ups (slow and controlled)
2 pistols on each leg
3 dumbbell squats @45kg per dumbbell
3 Romanian deadlift (with dumbbells) @45kg per dumbbell
12 sandbag shoulder presses @28kg
20 under-table inverted rows

Total time: 5 minutes; 10-15 seconds between exercises.

Post-workout nutrition: none - I was fasting until dinner yesterday, which was 4 hours after this workout.

Okay, I said I would rest for a week - I lied. I just got antsy and figured a quick high intensity, random bunch of exercises might make me feel better, which it did. Did I warm up? No. Should I have done? Yes. But I did, at least, select an exercise to start which was low resistance and low impact, so by the time I got into the riskier stuff there was plenty of blood flow around the body.


BrandC said...

thats a pretty good workout. Definitely leaving as little time as possible to rest in between sets is great for burning fat.

Bianca said...

Wow.. Romanian deadlifts..this is the first time I ever heard about them.. and I'm from Romania.. I don't know if this the name has anything to do with my country, but, this is the only style that I have ever seen to be used here.. who knows..