Saturday, 30 May 2009

Successful Urban, Paleo / Primal Outing Despite Physio Violence

Location: Birmingham City, UK

Date: June 30th
  1. Picked up some rocks (about 5kg) and threw them as far as I could like a shot putter (twice each side.)
  2. Jogged for a minute.
  3. Sprinted downhill for 30 seconds (75% effort.)
  4. Hopped onto a wall and off again a few times on the way to the bus shelter.
  5. Pull ups (2) on the bus shelter.
  6. Jogged across the road.
  7. 20 consecutive box jumps on a 2'6'' electricity box.
  8. Climbed hand-over-hand up '4 rungs' of a road sign whose construction uses parallel struts.
  9. Handstand against the wall, then slowly lowered my head to the ground.
  10. Sprinted for 10 seconds (75% effort.)
  11. Walked for 10 seconds.
  12. Sprinted for 10 seconds (75% effort.)
  13. 30 press ups as fast as I could.
  14. 2 Chin ups on a lamp post strut.
  15. Walked back to the apartment car park.
  16. 'Cleaned' a plastic box of gritting salt using the first part of this technique. It weighted about 25kg.
  17. Bunny hopped up the stairs (4 flights from car park) - 1, 2 or 3 steps at a time, randomly
Total time: 16 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: Probably wait 10 hours until dinner. Still running on this and this from last night!

Should I have done this workout? My legs were a little fatigued by the sprinting, jumps and hops, but otherwise I did not make any part of my body work too hard.

I am between BBS workouts, having completed week 2 on Wednesday. I plan to start reading the book today. Which means I am not clear on what I can and cannot do between workouts. A week is a long time for a fitness obsessive like me to wait.

What I know from interviews with Doug McGuff is that you can do stuff in between - I am just not clear how intense that can be, and how much individual muscles can be allowed to 'hurt'.

My knee was fine today, in spite of 'popping out' again earlier in the week thanks to an over-zealous physio at the initial consultation session. I was grateful for the opportunity to show him exactly what happens.

When I made it go 'back in' with that sickening kerchunk, he visibly winced.

"I'm sending you for a scan," was all he said.


Bryce said...

I think if you are doing BBS, then this workout is ideal for an in between session. So long as you aren't 'inroading' or severely fatiguing/damaging muscle fibers, you're good. This kind of general, primal activity is perfect.

Think of this as your sport: BBS certainly allows for you to participate in rigorous sports in between workouts.

Methuselah said...

Thanks Bryce - good to hear. I may even go swimming on Monday too - seems like it also fits the bill.