Wednesday, 30 September 2009

10-Minute Swim HIIT Session (including showers)

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre Swimming Pool, Aston University
Date: 29th September

6 x Front crawl length, 95% effort.

15-45 seconds rest between each length; each length took 20-25 seconds.

Total time: 6 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: Modified Primal/Paleo Breakfast of Champions - with one plum (recipe here), 50 minutes later

[one plum because I'm on a ketogenic stint and modified because I poured the coconut cream around the cooked egg like milk over porridge rather than mixing it in during cooking.]

I didn't quite manage 100% effort this time for two reasons.
  1. My left calf kept cramping when I really went for it.
  2. I had a terrible night's sleep and was not quite as fired up as I could have been.
That said, at the end of the 6 lengths I felt duly violated, so I think I did the required damage!

I will now rest until Sunday (5 days rest) in preparation for another Welsh mountain race, this time a little less severe than the monster earlier in the month.

I will not be running in Vibrams this time unless they arrive in the post in the next 3 days - I had to return them because they developed a hole. More on that in a future post about Vibrams.