Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Turd Dodging in the Clent Hills

Location: Clent Hills, Worcestershire, UK
Date: 27th September 2009

Workout: 60 minutes of light jogging and brisk hiking

Post workout nutrition: crab, avocado and steamed kale, a few hours later

This is the first time I have been to the Clent Hills. I am told it is an area of great beauty with some excellent walks - so it's a pity we elected to take the acknowledged 'beaten track'.

As a result I did a little more work on my boxing footwork than I had intended as I dodged the minefield of dog doo-doo along the way. You know you are in dog poo central when there are stools in varying states of decay to be seen.

That aside, there were some good paths of varying steepness: , along with some great views . At one point I did some quick running up and down a steep bank just to mix things around a bit: . Finally, towards the end, I found a fairly steep and lengthy trail through the ferns (this photo taken towards the top) and finished off the last 20 minutes hiking briskly up, then jogging down.

I took my heart rate at various points and it varied between 120 and 140, which is about where I wanted to be. I was conscious that I had given my legs a fair battering in the BBS Workout 3 days earlier, but they seemed to hold up pretty well. I have been sleeping quite well recently, which probably helped.