Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dumbbell Stair Climbs and Swiss Ball Squats for Knee

Location: My Apartment
Date: 7th December

Swiss-Ball Squats - 30 reps (with good leg on tip-toes to emphasise the one that needs building)

Dumbbell Stair Climb - 22.5kg per dumbbell, 10 floors down then 10 floors up.

Total Time: 10 minutes.

Post-Workout Nutrition: none - fasting all day.

The knee is progressing well (for what's wrong with my knee, see the knee surgery post.)

Getting a little swelling when I do the exercises, but it feels like appropriate pain and the physio told me not to worry. I am exercising it daily, but obviously not going to failure - so in a sense it is a parallel and different protocol to the BBS one I am using for the rest of my body.