Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Improvised BBS Session + Assisted Pistols on Remedial Knee

Location: My New House
Date: 30th December

My gym was closed AGAIN yesterday, so I again improvised (previous session here) with some free weights at home instead of doing the normal BBS workout.

Dumbbell Bench Press - 20kg / dumbbell - 127 seconds to failure (exactly the same as last week)
Dumbbell Bent Over Row - 20kg/side - 128 (R) and 118 (L) seconds to failure
Dumbbell Shoulder Press (seated) - 15kg / dumbbell - 85 seconds to failure (exactly the same as last week)
Romanian Deadlift with dumbbells - 37.5kg (82.5 lbs) / dumbbell - 98 seconds to failure (6 seconds more than last week)

Random squats with 15kg dumbbells for about 2 minutes - some normal reps and some super-slow reps without locking out.

Assisted pistols on remedial (left) leg (right hand on weights bench to steady myself)

Total workout time: 21 minutes

Post-workout nutrition: this, 15 minutes later.

This time I did single-arm dumbbell bent over rows instead of using the barbell. Turns out this is much better for getting the squeeze with superslow. It also requires less back stabilisation, which was preventing me working my lats to failure last week when using the barbell.

I got spookily identical times for the pressing exercises, but I guess I should be grateful for the consistency given the amount of sleep I am getting at the moment.

The quad work was good - Mrs M had deflated the Swiss ball, so I had to do the squats free-standing (instead of these) - but it felt fine, suggesting my knee is getting stronger. Unfortunately my lower back was so tired after the deadlift that I could not take the quads to failure with the squatting, instead resting it at various points by locking out.

I was especially pleased with the pistols, as I was able to do them on the knee that was operated on in November, supported, from a point where the thigh was parallel to ground. This implies I am getting close to former strength. Now I just need stability.