Friday, 1 January 2010

The Random 225 (Upper Body)

This circuit has no fixed format - just a number of reps that must be done for each exercise. You choose the order.

So there are no sequential sets or defined set sizes as with traditional training and there is no rule about finishing one exercise before you move on, as with the 300 workout.

Just do as many reps of each exercise whenever you want. The idea is to finish as quickly as possible.

25 Chin Ups (weighted - 10kg)
50 Push ups (bodyweight)
50 Floor Wipers (50 kg bar) *
50 Clean and Press with Dumbbell (25 per arm - 16kg)
50 Upright row (30 kg)

* For wipers, 1 rep = moving legs round in both directions, so it feels like 100

There is an element of strategy - for example, starting off with the exercise you think will be toughest, so you can make good inroads into the reps while fresh; or alternating between push and pull to allow muscles to rest.

These are the exercises I do - but you can substitute anything similar to create a good mix. There are also examples of the weights I use in brackets - but you must choose whatever makes this tough for you, and how close to muscular failure you want to go on each exercise.