Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Trail Run Captured on Head-Cam

Location: Lickey Hills, South Birmingham (map)
Date: 21st March

Workout: Trail Run

Total Time: 50 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: none - fasted until dinner, as was still running on this garbage from the night before (see end of post for photos!)

I wanted to try out a head-mounted camera I bought recently. Lightning and I saw someone at a mountain race wearing one and later saw the video he had taken of the race on YouTube. We decided to buy one ourselves.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, the battery ran out after 10 minutes - I don't think I had fully charged it.

Here's the video:

The experience of recording the run raised these questions:
  • I was worried about spitting, burping, or doing anything else I can normally do in the solitude of a run!
  • I was conscious that I normally watch the ground in front of me when running... better for choosing the right spot to place the next footfall (especially important in barefoot shoes)... but not better for the viewer.
  • When running with Lightning, the normal inane banter would either have to be curbed (which would be a shame) or included (which would be embarrassing.) YouTube custom seems to be to replace of the sound with death metal music - an even worse option.
The resulting video raises these points:
  • The camera is shaking as I run, which makes for uneasy viewing.
  • It's a boring. Howerver: it's possible in YouTube comments to add references to specific points in the video. You can see I have created such a link in a comment under the video. . You need to click on the embedded video to open the YouTube page - then look at the first comment - clicking on the link takes you straight to that point in the video where I saw a grazed grey dog run past.
If I had recorded the full run, then a more entertaining moment I could have shown you was when I accidentally ran into the path of some golfers teeing off, and ended up climbing over a fence into a courtyard full of horse manure to 'correct' my course.

The Route From GPS
The red ellipse shows the first part of the run that was captured on the video.

Altitude From GPS
This seems a little more faithful than previous uses of this software, although I still think it is overstating the absolute numbers. The first 'peak' on the graph is certainly higher than the reality.


Grok said...

Haha. Nice.

Seems more entertaining until you upload it huh? ;)

Methuselah said...

The thing that got me was how slow it seems. Seems like I am literally running on the spot! I should speed it up...

Lightning said...

You should have turned the camera on after you finished looking at your self in he car window ;-) I've not tried mine yet. I think this weekend at the Wrekin Fell Race we should both have them on.