Saturday, 19 June 2010

Dark Side of the Wrekin, Weighted Vest, Pain

Location: Dark Side of the Wrekin
Date:19th June

Workout: ran to the top of the dark side of Wrekin hill and back down.

Time to top:
21.36 (39 seconds faster than last week)

Total Running time: about 45 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: don't know yet - am writing post 90 minutes after I finished.

I woke up last night feeling faintly nauseous and not quite right in the stomach. It must have been the pork I ate last night. For a time I was worried I might be heading for a full-blown food poisoning incident.

I managed to get back to sleep, but when I woke at 6.30, I still felt slightly off colour. In the past, I would have ignored it. I had decided I was running, so I would run. And in the past, I was fitter.

Thus, I drove to the Wrekin anyway, donned weighted vest, started stopwatch, gritted teeth and headed upwards. Amazing how quickly the body realises there are other, more pressing things to worry about and stops bugging you about silly things like bacteria it doesn't quite see eye to eye with.

My continuing quest to re-kindle my friendship with the god of pain was well-served by today's outing. My time was 39 seconds faster than last week. I would say this was:

- 40% increased intensity (happier with the pain)
- 30% I weigh less
- 30% I am fitter

Last week I was back on speaking terms with the god of pain. This week we were having coffee. Well, he was having coffee, I was having a peppermint tea.


Lightning said...

Nice work M. I'm going to get my back side over there in the next day or two to see what I can do it in.

Methuselah said...

You are welcome to borrow the weight vest ;-)

p.s. the rabbit is in the slow cooker as we speak.

Lightning said...

Did the dark side this morning 21:26 with at least a 10k beer belly vest. Went on to Ercall and down the other side to where we parked the car last time and back again. 1:55 in all.

Methuselah said...

Good work - looks like a head-to-head with me vested would be a close run thing. I've not done enough long work - too late now.