Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Cheat 300 Workout, Mostly

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University
Date: 22nd June

Workout: Cheat '300' Workout

25 Chin Ups - 16, 5, 4
50 Deadlifts (Romanian) - 35, 15
50 Push Ups - 35, 10, 5
50 Box Jumps - 50
50 Floor Wipers - 25, 15, 10
25 x 2 Clean and Press with Dumbbell - right arm - 10, 10, 5; left arm - 15, 10
25 Chin Ups - 6, 3... stopped

Total Time: 27:52 (time to last set, 24:30)

Post Workout Nutrition: this, 60 minutes later.

I got through these pretty quickly today, but my chin-ups are still letting me down. I need to do some weighted sets at other times to build a little more strength.

I am still about 7 lbs off what I refer to as my 'fighting weight' - 11 and a half stone. At around that weight, I can bust through these 300s more effectively. Today, once I realised I was dying on that final set, I cut my losses.

My focus is the Skiddaw Fell Race (9 miles and 2700 feet of ascent) on 4th July, which last year I walked, on the basis that long hard races are not 'Paleo'. Since then I've softened my position on endurance exercise a little after reading two inspiring books.

Lightning and I have pledged to run Skiddaw every year from now on. It's a great way to ensure your fitness does not slip by having a benchmark.

In 2005 I ran it in around 1 hour 29 minutes. This will be tough to match but I'll have a go. As my recent training posts have indicated, I am doing some serious fitness training at the moment. So far, I have balanced the pain with overtraining avoidance. I have also been very strict on diet. Very low carb, alternate day fasts, no coffee, no booze - all good stuff. I am dropping about 2 lbs a week.

So by 4th July I should be around 11-10 and pretty fit. Maybe I won't get 1:29, but definitely under 1:40.