Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Second Leangains Workout and Adjusting to the Diet

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University
Day: Tuesday - 17th August

Chin Ups (10 weighted @ 10kg, 7 weighted @ 10kg, 7 @ bodyweight)
Dumbbell Chest Press (10 @26kg, 9 @24kg, 9 @22kg)
Upright Rows with barbell (3 x 10 @ 30kg)
Hanging Leg Raise (3 x 10)
Shoulder Press (seated with dumbbells - 3 x 10 @ 14kg)
9 Push Ups to finish, nice and slow, not quite failing at the end

Performed in this order, 3 sets of each. Rest time only as long as it took my partner to do his set - 30 - 45 seconds.

Total Time: 29 minutes

Nutrition (higher carb, lower fat on workout day, based on my Leangains experiment):

20 minutes before: 10g BCAA
1 hour after: 10g BCAA
3 hours after: 10g BCAA
Lunch at 12pm: Salmon, mackerel, sweet potato, beetroot, parsley+ extra tuna and wild blackberries
Dinner at 7.30 pm: Slow-ccoked venison with sweet potato, marrow and fried mushroom and onions

This was pretty much a repeat of last week's session and there were no tangible gains in strength. However, I am not keen on getting hung up on reps and weights. Clearly the objective is to get stronger, but experience has taught me to be patient. Maintaining good form and taking my muscles to the necessary level of effort is the main focus.

I skipped the deadlift, as I will have a second session this week for that when I will also throw in some rowing. Next week we will probably change to 5 x 5 for some variety.

My Leangains eating was not as strict as I would have liked - it's tough to alternate between low fat on workout days and and low fat on rest days. I am an instinctive low-carb eater. Last night I ate more fat than perhaps I should according to the plan. The venison was just too nice ;-)