Friday, 27 November 2009

Romanian Deadlift, BBS-Style

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University & My Appartment
Date: 23rd & 27th November

* Monday *
Romanian Deadlift (with dumbbells) : 1 x 10 @ 22kg, 1x10 @ 32kg, 1x10 @ 36kg slow & strict
Total time: 3 minutes (included a warm up)
Post-Workout Nutrition: None - fasted until lunch.

* Friday *
Romanian Deadlift (with dumbbells) : BBS-Style - 140 seconds before failure @37.5kg per dumbbell.
Total time: 3 minutes (included a warm up)
Post Workout Nutrition: Hot lamb roasting juice from previous night 10 minutes later + cold pork and apple sauce from 2 nights before 60 miuntes later.

After succesfully testing Romanian (stiff-legged) deadlift last week, this week I threw in a couple of short sessions. It seems I can handle heavy weights without complaint from the knee and this is the perfect way to challenge the quads, which must stabilise the slightly bent legs through the movement.

Today's session, when I used the superslow BBS approach for a single set, was great. Towards the end I got that slightly sicky feeling normally reserved for Tabatas and of which I have recently felt starved. I was also able to maintain form and did not feel as though my lower back was unhappy with taking the movement to failure.


Bryce said...

I've long been convinced that of all "functional" movements, the RDL would do best with a SS/HIT approach. Good to see that it's working for you!