Monday, 11 January 2010

5-Minute Chin, Push-Up & Squat Combo

Location: My New House
Date: 9th January

Chins - 13 (bodyweight)
Swiss Ball Squats - 25 reps, slow, holding 2 x 15kg dumbbells
Push Ups - 35

Total workout time: 5 minutes

Post-workout nutrition: this, 25 minutes later

In each case, I did as many as I could before failure. In other words, I wanted to avoid failure, but come close.

I would have managed 14 or 15 chins, tops, had I continued. This is considerably less than the 19 I was doing at the start of my '300' workouts last year, which makes me feel I need to get back into some of those other routines this year. More on that later, when I draw some conclusions about my Body by Science Experiment.