Thursday, 1 January 2009

Shuttlinsloe, Wildboarclough, Cheshire, UK

Submitted By: Methuselah
Location: Wildboarclough, Cheshire, UK (map)
Workouts: from workout diary

Shuttlinsloe is known as the 'Matterhorn of Cheshire', a somewhat grandiose term that reflects the flatness of the county rather than any qualities of the mountain. At a mere 506 metres above sea level it is a relative baby, especially as the ascent routes start from pretty high up already.

There are two routes to the top - one, from Macclesfield Forest, to the West and another from Wildboarclough, to the East. The latter is the starting point for the annual race. Both have varied terrain, and can make for a short, but tough mountain run, perhaps more so in the latter case.