Thursday, 1 January 2009

Mixed Tabata Circuit Intervals

Press Ups
Bent Over Row
Seated Knee Raises
Upright Row
Star Jumps
Standing Shoulder Press
Bicep Curls

You can use pairs of dumbbells, barbells or a mixture for this. Generally I pick two weights - one heavier weight for the bent-over row and a lighter one for the remaining exercises that need resistance.

Pick weights that are easy. Do not underestimate how hard this gets!

Use the Tabata protocol - i.e. 20 seconds for each exercise with 10 seconds rest between each. Do each exercise at close to maximum effort - this is why you should choose light weights. This is about muscular conditioning and fitness, not strength or hypertrophy training.

At the end of the round, take 1 minute rest. Then do another round. Repeat until the desired level of effort has been expended!

If you can do 3 of these, you are fit (in my view.)