Thursday, 1 January 2009

Snowdonia, Wales, UK

Submitted By: Methuselah
Location: Snowdonia, Wales, UK (map)
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Situated in North Wales, Snowdonia national park is over 800 square miles in size and a superb location for hiking and mountain running. At the time of writing I have not explored it as much as the Lake District, so my review will be brief.

It's not the easiest place to reach, since unlike the Lakes District it is not served only by a motorway - but this is part of its charm.

I went on a three-day hiking trip there with my brother last winter and there were plenty of challenging routes to be found.

The mountains range in size up to 1085 metres, which is the height of Snowdon, Wales' well-known highest peak. There is an annual fell ace up Snowdon which my running partner often takes part in.

There are many fell races in this area, including the Peris horseshoe, said to be one of the toughest around. I have taken part in the half horseshoe (just the first half) and by extrapolation can confirm its toughness.