Monday, 23 March 2009

My First Muscle Up!

Swing-Assisted, Uneven Muscle Ups - 1!
Hand Stand Push Ups - 3, 2, 1 - getting closer to the ground each time.
Dumbbell Bench Press - 1@34kg
Weighted Chin Ups - 4@15kg, 3@20kg, 1@35kg, 1@40kg
Random Ab Exercises:
- Front Lever Hanging Leg Raise - 1, holding the tuck for only a few seconds
- Hanging Leg Raise - 10
- Front Lever Hanging Leg Raise - 1, holding the tuck for only a few seconds
- Russian Twists - 15@10kg

Finisher: Single-Arm Dumbbell Swings - 25 per arm @ 20kg, then 30 seconds rest, then rowing machine for 30 seconds, resistance level 10, 100% effort (eyeballs out!)

This is an easy week, so I erred on the side of less rather than more. I focused on heavy weights but low reps and took more rest than usual. The finisher was short, but intense - I felt I could have done more.

I was determined to do a muscle up this morning, so I made it my first exercise after a brief warm up. Having seen people swing to help them out on these and also use an 'uneven' style so that the stronger arm provides the initial leverage, I wanted to try this. I succeeded! It was a messy affair and took just about everything I had, but I can now build on this.

I was also pleased with the handstand push up work, because I felt as though I was allowing my head to get a bit closer to the ground than previously - so that they may now appear more like a push up and less like a partial rep. Of course I am guessing as to how close I was actually getting. Maybe I should invest in a set of progressively thicker pieces of foam to put under my head ;-)

Once again, pretty much all body weight / gymnastics, but as you can see, I still couldn't resist throwing in a single rep with the dumbbells...


Asclepius said...

I have still to manage the HSPU. I can do a pissy version of one, but nothing that I would consider a REAL HSPU.

Even when I manage to do a REAL one, I still have to do a Freestanding HSPU to satisfy myself.

It will come!

Good effort with the MUs. Once you nail the transition thing become easier. The next big step is multiple MUs - of which the 'lowering' phase I find to be the most brutal part!

Methuselah said...

Asclepius - thanks - I am how using a method to gugage HSPU progress (see latest post) which I am hoping will work...