Friday, 20 March 2009

Workout Diary: Pull Ups, Deadlift, Pistols, Rollouts

Pull Ups - 5 x 5
Pistols - 4 x 5
Stiff-Legged Deadlift - 5 x 5@110kg
Standing Ab Rollouts with Dropped Knees (But using EZ Bar instead of dumbbells) 3 x 10

No finisher - ran out of time! Those drop-knee rollouts are killers, so I was not left feeling unfulfilled.

I did a lot of swinging on the pull ups, which made them easier - I am trying to get a feel for how a pull up becomes a muscle up. I don't care about form provided it is a natural movement (did cavemen dangle their legs uselessly beneath them when climbing trees?)

The pistols went well, considering my concerns that my left knee might still be a little weak from a previous injury. Although it did niggle a little, I felt stable and am happy that in another week or so I will be back to full strength.

The ab rollouts with the EZ bar are becoming a favourite, as is the approach of dropping the knees from an initial standing rollout position. The EZ bar grip provides a better angle for the wrists and the knee dropping allows me to protect my back from arching, which is what normally happens when I attempt a full standing rollout. I am caught between being too strong with rollouts from the knees, but too weak for standing rollouts - the dropped knees method provides the flexibility to cheat only as much as I need to.