Thursday, 19 March 2009

Bodyweight Bonanza (well, mostly)

Headstand - 3 consecutive, moving slowly into and out of it.
Planche - Frog Stand - 60 seconds - form on the last 10 seconds very shaky.
Front Lever Hanging Leg Raise - 4, holding the tuck front lever for 15 seconds each time
Jump-Assisted Muscle Ups on a Bar - 3 x 5 with the bar at nose height
One-Arm Dumbbell Bench Press - 2 x 3@30kg, 5@28kg

Finisher: tabata intervals on the rowing machine - one set at resistance level 7.

I did this workout yesterday. I was intending to do solely body weight exercises, but couldn't resist throwing in some dumbbell work at the end because it has been a while since I did any and I still can't let go of the (mistaken) belief that if I don't do them occasionally I will lose strength in spite of the other shoulder/chest work I do. In the absence of my training partner I had to do the single-arm version, otherwise I cannot get the weights up to start unless I go light. However, I am actually growing to like the single-arm approach - it feels more natural, somehow.

The muscle ups were a first for me. I feel a long way off being able to do an unassisted one, but also suspect that there is an element of technique involved which, once mastered, would take me closer than I feel as the moment.

This is supposed to be a hard week, but with my sleeping having not been great, I did not work as hard as planned. Although on paper this workout could have been tough, it was only moderately so, because I took it easy on the tabata finisher. Don't get me wrong, it did hurt, but a set of rowing machine tabata intervals can destroy a man if each 20-second interval is truly done at 100% - and I would say I was at 70-80% at best.

I did sleep well last night, though, so tomorrow's session should be a tough one unless I sleep badly tonight.