Wednesday, 25 March 2009

'Less is More' Day with Raise-Assisted Handstand Push Ups

Swing-Assisted, Uneven Muscle Ups - 1, then 2 failures.
Raise-Assisted Hand Stand Push Ups (three 20kg barbell plates) - 2 reps, then 1
Pistols - one on each leg, very low, slow and controlled. Two sets.
Dumbbell Snatch - on each arm - @28kg, @32kg, @32kg
Dumbbell Bench Press - 1@36kg (failed)
Random Ab Exercises:
- Standing Ab Rollouts with Dropped Knees (But using EZ Bar instead of dumbbells) - 5
- Front Lever Hanging Leg Raise - 1, holding the tuck for only a few seconds
- Standing Ab Rollouts with Dropped Knees (But using EZ Bar instead of dumbbells) - 5

Finisher: 50 yard sprint, 30 push ups, 15 burpees, 30 Seated Knee Raises. No rest, 100% effort.

Time: 30 minutes.

Inspired by Natural Messiah's excellent post highlighting that less is more, I made this morning even easier than the easy day it was supposed to be. I really just strolled around the gym doing 1 or 2-rep sets at heavy, but manageable weights. I made each rep count, but never came close to fatiguing any muscles.

The finisher was brief but intense, and I decided against a second set of the same sequence because I knew it would have taken my legs further than I wanted.

I was very pleased to find a method of quantifying my handstand push ups - Raise-Assisted Hand Stand Push Ups. By using barbell plates I will be able to do this in most gyms. It is especially handy that in my regular gym they have Olympic 10kg plates that are half the thickness of 20kg plates but the same diameter - so I can perhaps aim for a single rep with two 20 plates and a 10 under my head for next time.

I am tempted to try training like this for a few weeks to see if I make progress - concentrate on the same key bodyweight exercises, training with very low volume, never going to failure, but hitting the same exercises 3 times per week.


Asclepius said...

Cheers for the shout out! That paper actually made me think about how much controversy there is in sports/training and really, just by mixing things up a bit (reps, sets, exercises and rest periods), you'll make good gains.

I am always refreshed by a 'Less' workout and find it fuels my enthusiasm for subsequent training sessions.

Use of the plates in HSPUs is a revelation. I'll be using that method next week. It is a great idea.