Sunday, 29 March 2009

Raise-Assisted Handstand Push Ups Captured on Video

Swing-Assisted, Uneven Muscle Ups - 2 failures :-(
Jump-Assisted Muscle Ups - 1 (9-inch box)

Then I did this lot in no particular order - i.e. I did a deadlift, then the frog stand, then some pull-ups. Just mixed it around.

Raise-Assisted Hand Stand Push Ups
(three 20kg barbell plates) - 3 reps, then 2 (videoed myself doing this!)
Weighted Pull-Ups - 4@bodyweight, 2@10kg, 1@15kg, 1@20kg
Stiff-Legged Deadlift - 10@60kg, 2@100kg
Deadlift - 1@120kg, 1@130kg, failed@135kg
Frog Stand - 30s, good form

Finisher: 3 minutes on the runner @16kph, 1 minute on rower @ resistance 10 and max effort.

Time: 30 minutes.

I was disappointed by the muscle up failures - I think I have lost the 'knack'. It's all in the timing of the swing, I suspect. I will persevere. Regained some confidence with the jump-assisted version.

The rest of the main workout was another quite random, low-rep affair. I wanted to emphasise the back, so the focus was on the deadlift. This was the final workout of an easy week, so although there were a few failures, I made sure I was not fatiguing my muscles unduly.

The handstand push ups were easier than expected and I will move down to two 20k plates under my head next time. I suspect some of the progress is attributable to my finding the ideal positioning for my hands (shoulder width apart, maybe slightly wider) and best distance from wall (about a foot).

The finisher was not as intended. My goal had been to run a mile as fast as I could without fatiguing my legs too much - about 80% of max effort. I like to throw in middle distance runs or rows like this now and again. It hurts in a way I don't experience with sprinting and I feel it toughens me up a little. I like to feel I can tolerate sustained high effort too. Presumably we sometimes had to run for longer than 30 seconds to catch prey.

Anyway, my knee complained slightly at 3 minutes, so just to be safe I jumped off and finished with a rowing sprint. There was no shortage of pain during that, I can tell you.