Sunday, 19 April 2009

Caveman Hill Workout

Light run: 5 minutes, medium incline
- 20 press ups
Hard run: 2 minutes, steep incline
- 5 slow chin ups on tree branch
Light run: 5 minutes, medium incline
Hard Run: 90 seconds, steep-ish incline
- 20 press ups
Light run: 3 minutes
- Failed attempt to lift a heavy log ;-)
Hard run: 30 seconds, steep incline
- 20 press ups
Light Run: 3 minutes, no incline
Sprint finish: 30 seconds

Essentially, I ran up the hill and threw in some fast bits whenever it got steep. Then I walked down.

I was running with a friend, who is slower than me. Normally I wear a 9kg weighted vest to even up the stakes, but this time I said I would do random exercises instead. Having him there as someone I had to keep catching up after doing press ups was a great way to ensure I continually pushed myself. There were moments when I really did not want to carry on running, but the desire to stay with him kept me going.