Friday, 17 April 2009

Single Set, Low Rep Circuit

Finisher: tabata intervals - rowing machine @ level 7

Total time: 25 mins

The weights/exercises for the circuit:

3 x 20kg plate raise for the raise-assisted handstand push ups
20kg for the weighted chin ups
30kg for one-arm dumbbell press
120kg for the stiff-legged deadlift
Ab exercise: this time I did basketball reverse rollouts - these are great!

This is the same routine, more or less, that I did a couple of times last week. I am really starting to like it. I feel more like I am making gains in strength than I have felt for a while - this time I increased my deadlift by 5kg. And the handstand push ups felt easier.

I will probably do this again next week, perhaps with some planche and lever work thrown in, then the week after throw in some volume work where I hit the same exercises at 5 x 5. The rationale? I guess I just miss that feeling you get when you've really hammered your muscles ;-)