Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Unexpected Urban Paleo Workout

Location: Birmingham City, UK
Yesterday I arrived at the gym, having walked 20 minutes to get there, only to discover it was closed. Easter Monday I can understand. But Tuesday too?

Since time was of the essence, I seized the opportunity to do my workout on the way home. I had been eying various parts of the urban landscape on my way to and from the gym in recent weeks and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try them out.

So here, accompanied by photos, is the 35-minute workout I did. It was pretty much entirely Paleo - by which I mean that it mimicked the kind of activity a caveman might have engaged in.

Pull ups on pipe - 8 reps
Partial handstands against wall - 5 reps - going down as far as I felt comfortable given the glass and dirt underneath!
Stair Jumps - cleared this short flight in a couple of jumps.

Chin Ups on sign - 13 reps

Here I found a sandbag (about 20kg) lying around and carried it 300 yards to a spot where I could do some exercises:
Sandbag clean and throw - 10 reps
Pistols - 5 each leg

Partial Muscle Ups
- 8

Hanging Leg Raise - using the tree branch upper middle of shot - 15 reps

Inverted Push Ups
- 15 reps - feet on the top of the grey box, body as rigid as possible.

Stair sprints back to apartment - 3 flights

Back at the apartment - unable to resist finishing with some stiff-legged deadlift using dumbbells - 12 reps @42.5k per hand.