Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Less is More Day - Another Single Set Routine

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre, Aston University

Frog stand planche - 60s, reasonable form for 50s, then shaky
Tuck front lever - 60s, struggled in last 10 seconds

Main routine: Single Set circuit
- except NO pistols or deadlift
- did basketball rollouts (using med ball) for abs

Finisher - none!

Total time: 15 minutes

For this session, I think I finally came of age, training-wise. I did less when I wanted to do more. I made it short, avoided the legs and did not even do a fitness finisher. There were several reasons for this:

1. I had already done fitness two days before when I did some savage hill training
2. I am planning my monthly 300 workout tomorrow, which is very demanding on the whole body
3. I was planning to fast post-workout, which is always made easier when the workouts are shorter
4. My legs were tired and needed a rest.

Normally I would have rationalised all these factors somehow and pressed on with the full set of exercises because I was feeling good. But I didn't, so today my legs feel strong and I am ready for tomorrow.

The single set approach is still working for me. In spite of the quite demanding planche and lever work at the start of the workout I was able to match previous weights on the exercises I did, and even improve on the weighted chin ups, which were done with 22.5kg.

On the Tuck Front Lever - I have stopped raising my legs in the air to make it easier - they are now tucked firmly into my chest. I am not ready to start flattening my back yet, but do feel stronger.

Finally, the basketball rollouts - I would urge you to try these if you already do ab rollouts of some other kind. I am finding them to be much more satisfying than the alternatives and a more natural movement.