Friday, 10 April 2009

Single Set, Low Rep Circuit Week, Day 2

Swing-Assisted, Uneven Muscle Ups - 2 failures.
Frog stand - 30 seconds, arms as straight as I cold get them.
Tuck Front Lever - 30 seconds, backs as straight as I could get it.

Single Set, Low Rep Circuit

Finisher: mixed tabata intervals - alternating between push-ups and burpees

Total time: 25 mins

This is the same routine I did a couple of days before. For the circuit, I used:

3 x 20kg plate raise for the raise-assisted handstand push ups
20kg for the weighted chin ups
30kg for one-arm dumbbell press
115kg for the stiff-legged deadlift

I managed to increase from 28 to 30kg for the one-arm dumbbell press. On the deadlift, I was able to complete the set more easily than last time. I really enjoyed this routine, and may do the same again next week to see whether I make any further gains. However, I will try to avoid the introductory planche, lever and muscle-up work, so I can do the handstand push ups from fresh.

My legs were feeling a little weak because I have doing a lot of walking recently - and the pistols left me pretty weak. For that reason, I went for the mixed tabata interval instead of solely burpees. Ironically, it was my chest and triceps that gave up. My final press-up interval looked more like a static exercise - the only way I could keep going for 20 seconds was to make the range of movement very small indeed!