Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Single Set, Low Rep Circuit Week, Day 1

Swing-Assisted, Uneven Muscle Ups - 2 failures.
Frog stand - 30 seconds, arms as straight as I cold get them.
Tuck Front Lever - 30 seconds, backs as straight as I could get it.
Single Set, Low Rep Circuit

Finisher: Rowing intervals
- 1 minute @ 80% effort
- 1 minute rest
- 1 minute @90% effort
- 1 minute rest
- 1 minute @95% effort

Total time: 30 mins

The circuit was inspired by this and this from Conditioning Research. I am doing the same routine for each session this week. It's a circuit of major compound exercises, doing sets of 5 - but only one set of each exercise. So not really a circuit ;-) Couldn't 't resist a few bodyweight exercises first, just to keep my hand in.

For the circuit, I used:

3 x 20kg plate raise for the handstand push ups
20kg for the weighted chins
28kg for One-Arm dumbbell press
115kg for the stiff-legged deadlift

I was not close to failure for any of the sets, but I made sure I did each rep as slowly as necessary so that I did nevertheless feel I had worked hard.


Asclepius said...

Have you tried the Slowburn 'method'? I have thought about it but never quite got round to doing stuff really slowly.

Methuselah said...

Aclepius - no I haven't - is it a kind of concentric/eccentric-isometric hybrid?