Saturday, 10 April 2010

Swim Sprints

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre Swimming Pool, Aston University
Date: 9th March

5 x Front crawl length, 95 - 100% effort.

15-20 seconds rest between each length; each length took about 25 seconds.

Total time: 5 minutes

Post Workout Nutrition: scrambled eggs with melon and cocoa powder, an hour later.

Swimming sprints never fail to leave me feeling violated. On the first few lengths I was only really at 95% effort, but lung burn had set in by the third, so I was already looking for the end. I hadn't decided whether I would do 5 or 6, so opted to up the intensity to 100% in return for only doing a further 2. I was still breathing heavily in the shower a few minutes later. I suspect the Easter weekend has robbed me of a little fitness. Nothing a few Tabatas can't solve.