Friday, 9 April 2010

20-Minute Stay-in-the-Game Glycogen Dumper

Location: My House (and the scaffolding outside a neighbour's house)
Date: 7th March

8 Chin Ups
15 Press Ups
x 3 (no rest except to quickly move between locations)

1 minute to walk back into the house...then....

10 x Dumbbell squats (35 kg in each hand)
10 x Ab rollouts from the knees using the wheel
x3 (no rest between except to reposition)

Total workout time: 19 minutes

Post-workout nutrition: this, an hour later.

This session was really just to keep me in the game. I'd had a pretty heavy Easter weekend (too much booze, too much food) and I wanted an intense all over workout that was quick but dumped some of the muscle glycogen it felt like I had crammed myself full of over the weekend.

Normally at home I would not be able to do pull ups or chins, but a nearby house has some scaffolding up at the moment and at 6.30 am there was no one around to object to my using it...