Thursday, 5 March 2009

Gymnastics, Dumbell Snatch and Non-Quad Circuit

Frog Stand - 55 seconds: good form for 45, then a slow collapse!
Front Lever Tuck - 60 seconds: 45 seconds of good form, then just about held on for a further 15
Dumbbell Snatch - 5 x 5 @ 28kg

Location: Woodcock Sports Centre

Finisher - 500 non-quad blaster - 13:14. I did the hyperextensions on the machine.

I designed the 500 non-quad blaster specifically to avoid aggravating my knee, which is a lot better than I expected after it went again on Monday, but still not perfect. The fact that I immediately elevated it and applied compression and ice for 30 minutes must have helped.

When I did the 400 upper body blaster last week, I found it hard to hurt myself, because I was not engaging any leg muscles at all. So I added the stiff-legged deadlifts to the new circuit in the hope they'd make the routine more demanding whilst avoiding the unwanted knee flexion. It worked - I was butchered by the end.