Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Easy Week Workout 1 - Random Upper Body Gymnastics

Frog Stand (30 seconds x 2)
Headstand - controlling my body into and out of the position (x 2)
Handstand Push Ups (partial, 3 reps then later 2)
Inverted press-ups with feet on bed and10 kg weight vest (1 x 10)
Inverted Under-Table Pull Ups 2, each with a 10 second hold
Ab rollouts from the Knees (using dumbbells) with 10kg weight vest (10 x 2)

I am between gyms this week and having an easy week to let my body recover from several weeks of effort. The list seems like a lot but you will see I never did 3 sets of anything. I did it in a random way, avoided working too hard and rested when I felt like it. I came away feeling relatively fresh.